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Vantage Point quotes

Rex Brooks: (from control room) Alright, Angie, after this I need a 50-second fill about the conference.
Angie Jones: This isn't the only story here, Rex. The protesters...
Rex Brooks: Which I don't give a sh** about, and unless they set themselves on fire, they're not our story.

Thomas Barnes: Control is compromised!

Suarez: I go where ever the furute brings me.
Howard Lewis: That must be nice. No family, right?
Suarez: No. None that I know of.

Enrique: What have you been doing?
Veronica: Nothing. Taking in the crowd.
Enrique: Some more than others? I just saw you now.
Veronica: You saw nothing.
Enrique: It didn't look like nothing.
Veronica: You don't have to worry about him, I promise. Enrique, you're the one that I want, there is no one else. How many ways do I need to say it? When you've finished here we'll go away together, just you and me. I love you. Did you remember to bring my bag?

Enrique: (to Javier) Surprised to still see me alive?

Suarez: (to Howard) What are you seeing?

Javier: Where's my brother?

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