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Up quotes

Russell: (off screen in the jungle) Mr. Fredricksen? Am I supposed to dig the hole before or after?
Carl Fredricksen: Nyaa! None of my concern!
Russell: (after a pause) Oh... It's before!
Carl Fredricksen: Nyaa! (covers his ears and shakes his head)

Carl Fredricksen: (after throwing both a ball and chocolate into the jungle to get rid of Dug and Kevin, Carl runs with his house for a considerable distance) There. We should've gone enough. We should be rid of them now. (looks to his left and sees Dug)
Dug: (with the ball in his mouth) Hi, Master. (Carl turns to his right and Kevin squawks in his ear)

Russell: But I want to help!
Carl Fredricksen: I don't want your help, I want you safe.

Russell: (to Carl of Kevin) This was her favorite candy bar. Because you sent her away, there's more for you.

Carl Fredricksen: (to a contractor trying to get Carl to move out) You in the suit! Yes, you! Take a bath, hippie!

Charles Muntz: You know Carl, these people who come here, they all tell pretty good stories. (He walks to a row of human skulls on a shelf, each of which is wearing a hat of some kind)
Charles Muntz: A surveyor making a map... (he knocks over the first skull)
Charles Muntz: A botanist cataloging plants... (he knocks over the second skull)
Charles Muntz: An old man taking his house to Paradise Falls... and that's the best one yet. I can't wait to hear how it ends.

Carl Fredricksen: Tell your boss he can *have* my house.
Construction Foreman Tom: Really?
Carl Fredricksen: Yeah. When I'm dead!

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