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Unstoppable quotes

Will: This is Will Colson, the conductor speaking; just to let you know we're gonna gonna run this bi*** down.

Will: What's the fastest you've taken a single engine like this?
Frank: Unattached?
Will: Yeah.
Frank: 50, 55. Of course, I was going forward.

Darcy Colson: (to her son) Hey, hey! Come give me a kiss. Be good.

Will: What'd you mean about being married once?
Frank: Alice, my wife, she died of cancer. Four years ago.
Will: I'm sorry.
Frank: Me too. Me too. Every night, I'd come home from work, tell her about my day. Where I'd been, what I hauled. (Frank turns to Will, smirking)
Frank: Who annoyed me.
Will: (smiling) Guess I would have made the evening report, huh? (Frank and Will share a laugh)
Frank: (laughing) Yes, you would have made it, definitely.

Frank: Married?
Will: Yeah. Well, sort of. It's a long story.
Frank: We got a long day.
Will: How about you, you married?
Frank: Short story. Once.

Inspector Werner: (Watching the red lights on the map) So, red means...
Bunny: 777 blew through a signal. Everything in red means trouble on the mainline.
Inspector Werner: That's a lot of red!

Oscar Galvin: Did I or did I not tell you to get 1206 off the main?
Connie: I asked them nicely.

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