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Unfaithful quotes

Charlie: What's 'accountable'? Is that like people eating people?

Connie Sumner: Talk to me. Tell me what you did.
Edward Sumner: No, you tell me what you did! How you fu**** him over and over and over, you lied to me over and over and over.
Connie Sumner: Edward, please.
Edward Sumner: No, you don't talk to me now. I gave everything... for this family. Everything... and what did you do? You threw it all away like it was nothing. For what? To a fu***** kid! You didn't think I'd know? I wouldn't feel it? I knew it from the very first day! Because I know you, Connie. I know you, and I fu***** hate you! I didn't want to kill him, I wanted to kill you!
Connie Sumner: (pauses) Oh, my God.

Tracy: Having an affair is nothing like taking a pottery class.
Sally: Could be.
Tracy: No. It would start out like that, and then, um, something would happen. Someone, uh, finds out, or someone falls in love, and it ends disastrously. It always ends disastrously.

Bill Stone: Wait. Wait a minute. You're telling me about family? Well, you don't know the first go***** thing about it. Why don't you take a look at your own fu***** family, Ed? Take a go***** look at that.

Connie Sumner: Be happy for this moment, this moment is you life.

Paul: (reading from a Braille book) "My mother makes me chicken. Her chicken makes me cough. I wish that when she made it, she at least took the feathers off."

Charlie: Dad, look what I can do. I've been practicing (Makes fart noise with armpit)

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