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Under Siege quotes

Admiral Bates: Mr. Stranix... this is Admiral Bates speaking. Would you please tell us why the hell you're doing this?
William Strannix: Hi, Admiral. Six months ago, your boy Tom Breaker cancelled operation 'Cleopatra', and shortly thereafter two young men from Langley showed up in Miami tried to cancel me along with it. Now you *did* receive each man's right forefinger in the mail, didn't you Tom?
William Strannix: (pause) TOM!
Tom Breaker: Yes, I did.
William Strannix: (incredulous) Did you expect us to wait in Miami for you to try again?

Commander Krill: Where are you going?
William Strannix: Make Honolulu glow in the dark.
Commander Krill: Outstanding.

William Strannix: You're a maniac. Drowning your own crew.
Commander Krill: They never liked me anyway.
Doumer: I bet they fu****' love ya now, huh?

Casey Ryback: Krill's a maniac! Go tell the captain he spit in my soup!
Pvt. Nash: Ryback, you've got a fire in here!
Casey Ryback: Get my pies out of the oven!

Pitt: sh**! I lost the Phalanx, the whole thing's dead, we're sitting ducks!

William Strannix: Anything else you forgot to tell us about? Any other little memory losses or oversights, perhaps?
Commander Krill: No other little memory losses or oversights perhaps. There's two men, one of them's locked up. And I'll take care of him...
William Strannix: No, no, no. We'll handle it. Secure the galley. Send Cates, send Ziggs.
Shadow: You got it.
Commander Krill: This Marine's armed, Bill. I think we should send more, I'll go...
William Strannix: Don't worry about it. These guys are professionals. They can handle twenty Marines, and a hundred cooks.

William Strannix: All of my life... Saturday morning cartoons. The best.

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