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Unbroken quotes

Older Pete: A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.

Louis Zamperini: NOW you're praying?
Phil: I was busy before.
Louis Zamperini: My mother does that sometimes.
Phil: Yeah... a lot of people do this.
Louis Zamperini: He say anything back?
Phil: Yeah.
Louis Zamperini: What?
Phil: He says my bombardier's a dope.
Louis Zamperini: ...Really?

Phil: (in cockpit) We are here.
Cup: (over radio) At 8,000 feet. This is it, boys.
Phil: (over radio) You got it, Zamp?
Louis Zamperini: (dialing in bombing scope) Roger.
Lambert: You hit this one, drinks are on me.
Louis Zamperini: I ain't going to a bar with you, handsome. You confuse all the broads.
Mac: (wolf-whistles)
Phil: Get your cameras, boys. I'm gonna light it up like Christmas.

Young Pete: You can do this Lou. You just gotta believe you can.
Young Louie: I don't believe.

Cup: Well, this is like sitting in the living room, trying to fly the house.
Phil: They've been taking parts off this for other planes. We're lucky it's still got an engine.
Cup: Well, the lieutenant says it's airworthy. It's been certified, he says.
Phil: Helen Keller.

Phil: Remember that story in LIFE magazine? about Eddie Richenbacker? Him and his crew ran out of fuel over the Pacific and were drifting in a raft for twenty-four days... twenty-four days.
Louis Zamperini: They made it, right?
Phil: Yeah... most of them lost their minds, but they made it.

Watanabe: (from trailer) Who is the Olympic Athlete? (stares at and hits Louis)
Watanabe: Don't look at me.

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