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Twilight quotes

Isabella Swan: You know everybody's staring?
Edward Cullen: Not that guy (points)
Edward Cullen: ... uh... no he just looked.
Edward Cullen: I'm breaking all the rules now anyway. Since I'm going to hell... (puts arm around Bella)

Isabella Swan: I'd never given much though to how I would die. But dying in place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go. I can't bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face to face with death. They also brought me to Edward.

Jasper Hale: What is it? What do you see?
Alice Cullen: The tracker. He just changed course.
Jasper Hale: Where will it take him, Alice? (Grabs Alice a pen and paper)
Alice Cullen: Mirrors. A room full of mirrors. (starts to sketch never looking down at the paper)
Isabella Swan: Edward said the visions weren't always certain...
Jasper Hale: She sees the course people are on while they're on it. If they change their minds, the vision changes.

Edward Cullen: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore.
Isabella Swan: Then don't.

Isabella Swan: So what are they really?
Jacob Black: It's just a story, Bella.

Isabella Swan: Hey dad I have a date with Edward Cullen.
Charlie Swan: He's a little old for ya, isn't he?
Isabella Swan: No, uh, he's a junior I'm a junior. I thought you liked the Cullens.
Charlie Swan: I thought you didn't like any of the boys in town.
Isabella Swan: Edward doesn't live in town, technically. He's right outside.
Charlie Swan: He is?
Isabella Swan: Yeah he wanted to meet you, officially.
Charlie Swan: Alright, (co*** gun)
Charlie Swan: bring him in.
Isabella Swan: Could you be nice? He is - he's important. (Charlie draws invisible circle around his head, as to be a halo)

Edward Cullen: What's in Jacksonville
Isabella Swan: How did you know about that?
Edward Cullen: You didn't answer my question
Isabella Swan: Well, you don't answer any of mine so... and, you don't even say hi to me
Edward Cullen: Hi
Isabella Swan: Are you gonna tell me how you stopped the van?
Edward Cullen: Yeah. I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can google it
Isabella Swan: Floridians. That what's in Jacksonvill...
Edward Cullen: At least would you watch where you walk?
Edward Cullen: Look, I'm sorry if I'm being rude all the time. I think it's the best way.

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