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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen quotes

Mudflap: I messed that up... I'm okay...
Skids: This is combat, man!
Mudflap: I got brain freeze!
Skids: What's wrong with you? (punches Mudflap)

Mudflap: Oh, look at this motherf...!
Skids: (smacked in the head by whirlwind debris) Mean robots suck!

Professor Colan: So glad you could join us, Professor Einstein.
Sam Witwicky: Yeah, I was kinda busy. Okay.

Skids: Are you scared?
Mudflap: Scared? Scared of your ugly face!
Skids: I'm ugly? Well, we're twins, you stupid genius!

Chief Master Sergeant Epps: (the pilot calls for a bailout due to "engine failure". Lennox is prepping Galloway and moves him toward the rear of the plane)
Galloway: Why aren't you wearing your chute?
Major Lennox: Because I have to secure the VIPs first! Ok I want you to listen very carefully, and memorize everything that I say. Each chute has a GPS tracker so you can be found by Search and Rescue. Right next to that's a fabric webbing called a bridle, which holds the pin that keeps the main container closed. Ok, are you listening?
Galloway: I can't hear what...
Major Lennox: (slaps Galloway) Stop that!
Galloway: All right, all right...
Major Lennox: All right when the pilot chute inflates into the air, it pulls the pin and opens the main. Red's your backup, blue's your primary. I want you to pull the blue. I need you to pull it really hard! (Galloway pulls the blue cord)
Chief Master Sergeant Epps: Not now, we're on the plane you dumbass!
Galloway: What? NO! (as the chute deploys, he gets sucked out of the plane; a satisfied Lennox heads back into the plane)
Chief Master Sergeant Epps: Did he say good-bye?
Major Lennox: No, he didn't say good-bye.

Major Lennox: Arcee! Twins! Target headed your way!

Wheelie: Oh, there he is... This guy's a legend, like the Chairman of the Board! Yo, freshman, point the shard and watch the magic happen. (Sam sticks the Allspark shard into the jet. Mikaela makes a closer examination of the plane, and discovers a symbol... )
Mikaela Banes: Oh, sh**... It's a Deception!
Agent Simmons: Decepticon? Behind the MiG NOW! (Sam, Mikaela, Leo and Simmons scramble away as the Blackbird transforms)
Jetfire: What sort of hideous mausoleum is this? (Jetfire spots the humans)
Jetfire: Answer me, pawns and knaves! Show yourselves, or suffer my infinite wrath! (Cautiously, the humans approach the robot)
Jetfire: You little spinal-cord-based organisms...! (bangs his head on a model of a satellite, which drops and just misses Sam)
Jetfire: Oh, bu**** it! (stands upright)
Jetfire: Behold, the eternal glory of Jetfire! Prepare for remote systems override!
Wheelie: I tell you, this guy did NOT age well!
Mikaela Banes: I don't think he's gonna hurt us...

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