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Training Day quotes

Jake Hoyt: That is the second time you have pointed a gun at me, there will not be a third.

Alonzo Harris: To be truly effective, a good narcotics agent must know and love narcotics. In fact, a good narcotics agent should have narcotics in his blood.
Jake Hoyt: Are you gonna smoke that?
Alonzo Harris: No, you are.
Jake Hoyt: (laughs) Hell if I am.
Alonzo Harris: You not gon' smoke it?
Jake Hoyt: Naw, man. I became a narc to rid the streets of dopers, not to be one.
Alonzo Harris: Come on, man, take a hit.
Jake Hoyt: Naw, man.
Alonzo Harris: (Slams brakes) Yeah, right. If I was a drug dealer, you'd be dead by now, mo**********. You turn sh** down on the streets, and the chief brings your wife a crisply folded flag. What the fu**'s wrong with you? Talking about - You know what? I don't want you in my unit. I don't even want you in my division. Get the fu** out the car. Go back to the Valley, rookie.
Jake Hoyt: All right, I'll smoke it.

Blue: I told ya'll I don't work for nobody. Why the fu** are ya'll sweatin' me any mo*********' way?

Jake: How much money was in that bag?
Alonzo: 40 G's.
Jake: What was that for?
Alonzo: You really wanna know?
Jake: Yeah. I asked, didn't I?
Alonzo: Nothing's free in this world, Jake. Not even arrest warrants.
Jake: sh**, I didn't wanna know.

Roger: You figure that joke out, you'll figure the streets out.
Alonzo Harris: There ain't nothing to figure out, that's just some senseless bullshit. Don't listen to him.
Jake Hoyt: You know, I already figured 'em out.
Alonzo Harris: Really?
Roger: You already figured the streets out.
Jake Hoyt: It's all about smiles and cries.
Alonzo Harris: Put the drink down, man, the mo*********** out of his mind.
Roger: Hold on, Alonzo, hold on. Smiles and cries, smiles and cries, I hear ya.
Jake Hoyt: Yeah. You gotta control your smiles and cries, because that's all you have and nobody can take that away from you.

Jake: It's time.

Jake Hoyt: Now, listen to me, that girl was being raped. I saw these two fu****' drug addicts attacking her, and I stopped 'em...
Smiley: You lie to me.
Jake Hoyt: I would - not - lie to you...
Smiley: Don't lie to me! - Don't lie to me!
Jake Hoyt: I swear to God. She was being raped, and I stopped 'em, man. And please man, I got a little kid...
Moreno: Shut the fu** up, fa****.
Sniper: Blast his as*, homes.
Jake Hoyt: I have - a little girl.

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