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Traffic quotes

Helena Ayala: What's going on? They came into the house. They just took him away. They searched my home.
Arnie Metzger: Let me tell you what's happening, alright? Now, first of all, Carl is not here. The D.E.A. has got him and they're gonna hang on to him until his arraignment, which will probably be tomorrow, alright? So here, you're wasting your time, alright? Are you with me?
Helena Ayala: Yeah.
Arnie Metzger: Okay. Now, do not discuss anything over the telephone. Don't talk to your neighbors, stay out of your yard.

Robert Wakefield: My name is Robert. And my wife, Barbara and I are here to support our daughter Caroline. And we're here to listen.

Javier Rodriguez: It's all about the money.

Robert Wakefield: Well you've done a fine job, General. The Office of National Drug Control Policy is in better shape than when you found it.
General Ralph Landry: I'm not sure I made the slightest difference. I tried. I really did.

Helena Ayala: (to Francisco) I have a job for you but I don't have much time.

Eduardo Ruiz: This is coercion.
Montel Gordon: Coercion. That's a pretty big word for a fisherman.
Ray Castro: Big-as* word.
Eduardo Ruiz: Oh, yeah? I know another big word: immunity.

Eduardo Ruiz: You guys remind me of Japanese soldiers on deserted islands who still think world war two is still going on. The fact is that your government surrendered this war a long fu***** time ago.
Montel Gordon: You know, I don't think this attitude is gonna help him in front of the judge. Eduardo, there is just one thing wrong with this math. You're in here.

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