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Total Recall quotes

Lori: (Kicks Doug in the face) That's for making me come to Mars. (kicks his groin)
Lori: You know how much I hate this fu***** planet!

Benny: Hey, man, you need a cab?
Douglas Quaid: Well, what's wrong with this one? (points to other cabbie)
Benny: (laughs) He ain't got five kids to feed.
Douglas Quaid: Where's yours?
Benny: Right over there man. (takes Quaid with him)
Punk Cabbie: Hey. Hey, man, that's my fare. Hey, as*****, that's my fare.
Benny: Eat this! (gives him the finger)

Melina: (as she and Quaid enter her room, she slaps Quaid on the side of the face) You son of a bi***! You're alive? I thought that Cohaagen tortured you to death!
Douglas Quaid: I guess he didn't.
Melina: And you couldn't give me a message? You didn't know what happened to me? (hugs Quaid)
Melina: Hauser, thank God you're alive. (starts kissing him and Quaid shoves her away)
Douglas Quaid: Melina, listen. I have something to tell you... I don't remember you.
Melina: What?
Douglas Quaid: I don't remember you. I don't remember us. I don't even remember me.
Melina: Did you get amnesia? How did you get here?
Douglas Quaid: Hauser left me a note.
Melina: Hauser? You're Hauser.
Douglas Quaid: Not anymore. Now I'm Quaid. Douglas Quaid.
Melina: Come on, Hauser. Have you lost your mind?
Douglas Quaid: I didn't lose my mind. Cohaagen stole it. He somehow found out that Hauser switched sides, so he turned him into another person... me. So, he dumped me on Earth with a wife and a lousy job...
Melina: (interrupting) Did you say wife? Are you fu****' married?
Douglas Quaid: She wasn't really my wife.
Melina: She wasn't really your wife? How stupid of me! She was Hauser's wife?
Douglas Quaid: Let's just forget about her.
Melina: No, let's forget about everything. I'm sick of you and your go***** lies!

Bob McClane: What is it that is exactly the same about every single vacation you have ever taken?
Douglas Quaid: I give up.
Bob McClane: You! You're the same. No matter where you go, there you are. It's always the same old you. Let me suggest that you take a vacation from yourself. I-I know it sounds wild. It is the latest thing in travel. We call it the Ego Trip.

Melina: I can't believe it, it's like a dream. What's wrong?
Douglas Quaid: I just had a terrible thought... what if this is a dream?
Melina: Well, then, kiss me quick before you wake up!

Johnnycab: The fare is 18 credits, please. (Quaid gets out)
Douglas Quaid: Sue me, di******! (cab tries to run him down, crashes, and explodes)
Johnnycab: We hope you enjoyed the ride!

Hauser: Now, this is the plan. Get your as* to Mars.

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