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Tootsie quotes

George Fields: You are psychotic!
Michael Dorsey: No, I'm not, I'm employed.

John Van Horne: Does Jeff know?

John Van Horne: (finishing his drink) Dorothy, I want you.
Dorothy Michaels: I beg your pardon?

Julie: I miss Dorothy.
Michael Dorsey: You don't have to. She's right here. And she misses you. Look, you don't know me from Adam. But I was a better man with you, as a woman... than I ever was with a woman, as a man. You know what I mean? I just gotta learn to do it without the dress. At this point, there might be an advantage to my wearing pants. The hard part's over, you know? We were already... good friends.

Jeff: I'm just afraid that you're going to burn in Hell for all this.

George Fields: OK, I know this is going to disgust you, Michael, but a lot of people are in this business to make money.
Michael Dorsey: You make it out like I'm some flake, George. I am in this business to make money, too.
George Fields: Really?
Michael Dorsey: Yes!
George Fields: The Harlem Theatre for the Blind? Strindberg in the Park? The People's Workshop in Syracuse?
Michael Dorsey: OK, now wait a minute. I did nine plays in eight months up in Syracuse. I happened to get great reviews from the New York critics, not that that's why I did it.
George Fields: Oh, of course not. God forbid you should lose your standing as a cult failure.

Sandy: Wish me luck.
Michael Dorsey: fu** you.
Sandy: Thanks.
Michael Dorsey: fu** you.

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