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Throw Momma From the Train quotes

Larry: (talking at Margaret Donner on TV) It's my life, Margaret. It's MY life and I want it back!

Momma: He's trying to kill me! I asked for the salted nuts. He brought me the unsalted nuts. The unsalted nuts make me choke!

Momma: Holy sh**! What a dream I was having! Louis Armstrong was trying to kill me!
Larry: Mrs. Lift?
Momma: Get away from me, you horse's as*! (Hits Larry in the crotch with her cane. Larry falls to the floor, groaning)
Larry: (to Owen) She's not a woman... she's the Terminator.

Rosey: He called her a very bad name, and said "I hate her! I wish she were dead!"

Larry: The night was dry, yet it was raining.

Owen: (Larry has driven his car off the road and it's going downhill through a load of bushes. Sat next to him in the passenger seat is Owen) This is good. It's like the Flintstones car wash.

Mrs. Hazeltine: "Dive... DIVE" yelled the captain through the thing. So the captain pressed a button, or something, and it dove. And the enemy was foiled again!

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