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Three Men and a Little Lady quotes

Jack Holden: (disguised as the vicar) Today, we join in holy matrimony, Edward and... oh no... oh dear.
Edward Hargreave: (prompting the vicar) Sylvia.
Jack Holden: Oh yes. Today, we join in holy matrimony Ed and Sylvia... I knew a Slyvia once... no... she's dead... (to Sylvia)
Jack Holden: that's not you.

Michael Kellam: (after Mary's pe*** comment at the restaurant) You're overreacting.
Peter Mitchell: Yeah, what's a genital here and there?

Barrow, Edward's Butler: More news from the vicarage: they're sending a replacement.
Vera Bennington: Ah! There you are. You can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a vicar.

Sylvia: I think we need drinks.
Peter Mitchell: I think we need shovels.

Sylvia: You are a selfish ba*****!
Peter Mitchell: I'm selfish? At least I didn't leave my baby on a doorstep when she was six months old! (Sylvia slaps Peter)

Jack Holden: (Peter, Sylvia, and Michael want Jack to be on time to the school interview) Have I ever let you down before? (everyone looks at him as if to say, "yes")

Peter Mitchell: (Also said in _Three Men and A Baby (1987)_) I'll give you $1,000 if you do it.

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