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Three Men and a Baby quotes

Michael Kellam: There's been sh** all over the place!
Vince: You mean the package burst?
Michael Kellam: (Thinking they meant the baby) Well yes, I guess you could say that.
Vince: Well did you put the sh** back?
Michael Kellam: No, we had it bronzed for posterity. What do you think we did with it?

Jack Holden: (Changing Mary) How do you put on these go***** things?
Peter Mitchell: Figure it out for yourself, di******.
Jack Holden: Oh, no! Not on the silk sheets! Not on the silk sheets!

Jack Holden: You're a good man, Peter.
Peter Mitchell: I'm a goddam saint.
Jack Holden: Saint's a little much.

Jack Holden: Angelyne! Whew! Boy, you look different. What happened?
Angelyne: I'm dressed.

Peter Mitchell: Michael, you're going to have to wash where the po** was.

Michael Kellam: (Finding a baby on their doorstep) That's a baby.
Peter Mitchell: I know it's a baby. What is it doing there?
Michael Kellam: It's sleeping.

Jack Holden: (On the phone) I'll bring you guys something back from Turkey. Maybe a drumstick.

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