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Things Are Tough All Over quotes

Mr. Slyman: They've stolen our money?
Prince Habib: And part of the car too.

Chong: (to Cheech) Hey, look... dude laid some peyote on me man!

Prince Habib: I say we are lost.
Mr. Slyman: We ar not lost. We are Arabs. Lost is when you don't know where you are going.
Prince Habib: Well that is the point, where are we going?
Mr. Slyman: We are going uphill.
Prince Habib: Well, at least when we get to the top, we will know exactly where we are. (the two are now at the top, looking around them, but only see more hills)
Mr. Slyman: You are right, Now I know exactly where we are.
Prince Habib: You do?
Mr. Slyman: Yes. We are in the middle of fu***** nowhere! Where is the road? Ah, those two guys!
Prince Habib: Yes, it was those two guys. They have stolen the road too!
Mr. Slyman: Now I am sure of it.
Prince Habib: You are sure of what?
Mr. Slyman: That our mother messed around with a goat herder.
Prince Habib: Nooo!

Chong: Sometimes it's not even the drugs that'll kill you man. What really kills you is looking for drugs.

Chong: (on several cups of coffee, driving) It was Rock 'n Roll that killed Elvis, man!