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The Wedding Planner quotes

Mary: For an entire summer he followed me around asking me if I had a va****!
Penny: (pause) I think that's adorable!

Mary: I can treat that jackass like any other faceless groom! And that's just what I'm gonna do! Why? Because he's nothing... because I love a challenge! And because I am a go***** professional!

Steve: (taking off Mary's neck brace) Woah, you've got a big neck.
Mary: I have a big neck?
Steve: No, don't get me wrong it's a fine neck, it's just that i haven't had a patient over the age of 6 in the past 5 years.

Massimo: Mary, I know I never done the right thing, say the right thing. I know I act like a fool. I know say we'd be buddy-buddy friends, but that would not be true to my heart so I'll ask this one question, and if you answer "no" I'll leave you alone once and for all. Be my wife, Mary Fiore. If you answer yes I'll take care of you, be true to you, and like this house I built for your dolls, I'll make sure you have a strong roof over your head. If you answer yes than no one will love you as much as I love you. If you answer yes than you will make me the happiest man on earth.

Burt: A girl asks you to dance: you dance.

Mary: (to Eddie after he rescues her from the runaway dumpster) You saved... my shoe. I mean, my life.

Salvatore: But Massimo said you announced your engagement.
Mary: I never said that.
Burt: See, I told you Miss Mo was full of cr**.
Salvatore: Not Miss Mo. Massimo. Massimo.

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