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The War of the Roses quotes

Oliver Rose: You have sunk below the deepest layer of prehistoric frog sh** at the bottom of a New Jersey scum swamp.

Oliver Rose: And you better get yourself a da** good lawyer!
Barbara Rose: Best your money can buy!

Barbara Rose: (after learning that Oliver is moving back into the home) This is the stupidest thing you've ever done!
Oliver Rose: Second stupidest.

Barbara Rose: I would never humiliate you like this!
Oliver Rose: You're not equipped to, honey.

Oliver Rose: (Oliver and Barbara pass each other on the stairs) Stinking bi***!
Barbara Rose: Dumb ba*****!
Oliver Rose: sl**!
Barbara Rose: Scum!
Oliver Rose: Filth!
Barbara Rose: fa****! (Passes Susan the maid)
Barbara Rose: Morning Susan.

Barbara Rose: Besides money... (Barbara kicks off one of her heels and puts her foot in Gavin's crotch)
Barbara Rose: what would it take to get you to help me, Gavin?
Gavin: Come on, put your shoes on, Barbara. I haven't been into feet since '82.

Oliver Rose: (mistakenly almost hits Susan with the thrown chair) Oh, I'm sorry, Susan. I thought you are Barbara.

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