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The Twilight Saga New Moon quotes

Alice Cullen: Would you mind telling me how it is you're still alive?

Bella Swan: Alice. I saw him. Maybe I'm crazy now, but I guess that's okay. If a rush of danger is what it takes to see him, than that's what I'll find.

Edward Cullen: Bella you give me everything just by breathing.

Alice Cullen: You are a human who knows entirely too much about us. They could kill us all.

Jacob Black: (to Edward) You stay the hell out of my head!
Edward Cullen: Jacob, I know you have something to say to me. but I'd like to say something to you if that's alright. Thank you. Thank you for... keeping Bella alive when I didn't.
Jacob Black: No, you didn't. And it wasn't for your benefit trust me.
Edward Cullen: I'm still grateful. But I'm here now. I'm not leaving her side until she orders me away.
Jacob Black: We'll see. Hey, my turn to talk. I'm here to remind you of a key point in the treaty.
Edward Cullen: I haven't forgotten.
Bella Swan: What key point?
Jacob Black: If any of them bites a human, the truce is over.
Bella Swan: But if I choose it it has nothing to do with you.
Jacob Black: No I won't let you. you're not going to be one of them Bella!
Bella Swan: It's not up to you.
Jacob Black: You know what we'll do to you, I won't have a choice.
Jacob Black: Bella come please.
Bella Swan: No, is he going to hurt me? Read his mind.
Edward Cullen: (assures her)

Bella Swan: If we're going to keep doing this, and I hope we are... we've got to fit some homework in there. I don't want Billy thinking I'm a bad influence.
Jacob Black: You influence me? Please.
Bella Swan: Are you... I'm older than you so that makes me the influencer and you the influencee.
Jacob Black: Hah! No. No. No. My size and knowledge actually makes me older than you because of your general paleness and lack of know-how.
Bella Swan: I convinced you to build two wheel death machines with me. Don't you think that makes you kinda young and naive.
Jacob Black: Okay. So where do we stand?
Bella Swan: I'm 35 and you might be like 32.
Jacob Black: What? Come on.

Jacob Black: I was just buying a part for the Rabbit. You should really come take a ride when it's done.
Bella Swan: Is it fast?
Jacob Black: It's... decent

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