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The Time Machine quotes

Jogger: Hey.
Alexander Hartdegen: Hello.
Jogger: Nice suit. Very retro.
Alexander Hartdegen: Thank you.
Jogger: Bet that makes a hell of a cappuccino. That thing.

David Philby: (looking at a futuristic picture) I wonder if we'll ever go too far.
Alexander Hartdegen: With what?
David Philby: (pointing at the picture) With this. With all of this.
Alexander Hartdegen: No such thing.

Teacher: If you do that again, I will re-sequence your DNA.

Mara: Some things are better left unsaid.

David Philby: I'm glad he's gone. Maybe he's finally found a place where he can be happy.

Mara: Why have you come here? Why have you traveled through time?
Alexander Hartdegen: To have a question answered.
Mara: A question?
Alexander Hartdegen: Yes. Why can't I change the past?
Mara: Why would you want to? (a look of realization)
Mara: You've lost someone. Someone you loved very much.

Alexander Hartdegen: You're forgetting one thing. What if?

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