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The Sum of All Fears quotes

President Nemerov: (in Russian) I ordered no such attack. You must not respond to this action until we have investigated all possibilities.
President Fowler: Like you did in Chechnya? Mr. President, who is in control of your armed forces?
President Nemerov: (in Russian) You dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. You dropped the bomb on Nagasaki. Do not lecture me on Chechnya!

Secretary of State Sidney Owens: Mr. President, we are now at a de facto state of war with the Russians.

Dressler: So what shall we make of Chechnya, asking the West for protection? She is like a beautiful virgin, escaping the clutches of a lecherous bear... and running to Bill Clinton to save her maidenhood.

John Clark: Shoot him, Ryan. Shoot him before he figures out what I'm saying.

Bill Cabot: Welcome to the CIA, sport.

Zorkin: I am to be described as "robust" and "healthy."

Dressler: Most people believe that the 20th century was a death struggle between Communism and Capitalism, and that Fascism was but a hiccup. But today we know better. Communism was a fool's errand. The followers of Marx gone from this earth, but the followers of Hitler abound and thrive. Hitler, however, had one great disadvantage. He lived in a time when Fascism, like a virus... like the AIDS virus... needed a strong host in order to spread. Germany was that host. But Germany did not prevail. The world was too big. Fortunately, the world has changed. Global communications, cable TV, the internet. Today the world is smaller and a virus does not need a strong host in order to spread. The virus... is airborne. One more thing. Let no man call us crazy. They called Hitler crazy. But Hitler was not crazy. He was stupid. You don't fight Russia *and* America. You get Russia and America to fight each other... and destroy each other.

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