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The Specialist quotes

Ray Quick: You like watching them die? You like taking them down? Now I'm taking you down. You're finished in the agency. You're going no higher. You're as dead as those people in the river. We both are.

Ray Quick: (He's entered the bus and sat down near the back, where a bunch of punk kids are harassing a girl. He then sees a pregnant lady walking difficultly towards him) (to her)
Ray Quick: Here, why don't you take my seat. (No sooner then he gets up, one of the punk kids jumps into the seat)
Ray Quick: (to him) That seat's taken.
Punk #1: (Without looking at him) fu** you.
Ray Quick: Excuse me?
Punk #1: fu** you.
Ray Quick: (Nods, then takes off his sunglasses, and hands them to the lady) Hold these please. (She does, then he flips the punk out of the seat and starts kicking him in the chest over and over. Eventually he finds himself fighting his friends, one of which pulls out a switchblade knife and tried to use it on Ray. He stops it)
Ray Quick: I hate knives. (Makes him drop it, and beats him up, then finishes everything off by karate kicking the initial offender out of the bus through the side window)
Ray Quick: (Back to the pregnant lady) I believe there's a vacancy.

Ned: (Walks into the church as a priest and a few others are walking out with the casket that allegedly carries May) (to the priest, calmly)
Ned: Open the casket.
Priest: Who are you?
Ned: (Pulls his gun on them and yells) I said open the fu***** casket! (They do, he looks, then walks away in disgust)
Ned: bi***.

Ned: (to old couple trying to get on elevator; old man wearing a colorful shirt) Where are you going? Hey, use the stairs, this one's full. Get outta here! Get a new shirt.

May Munro: You know, the next time you order a hit you might want to consider taking out your decorator.
Tomas Leon: You like to live dangerously, don't you?
May Munro: A little danger never killed anyone. Right, baby?
Tomas Leon: Sometimes.

Tomas Leon: Hey, you!
Ray Quick: (Looks around)
Tomas Leon: Yeah, I'm talking to you. You think you know me? I asked you a question. You think you know me? 'Cause the way you're looking at me, we must be old friends. Where did we meet?
Ray Quick: Nowhere.
Tomas Leon: (grabs Ray) Nowhere. You like the bi***? Huh?
Ray Quick: (starts to walks away)
Tomas Leon: (grabs Ray) Maybe you like me.
Ray Quick: No, I don't like you.
Tomas Leon: Then don't stare so hard. Somebody could... (pulls out switchblade)
Tomas Leon: put something in your eye.

Ned: (to Parking Attendant, Jon Curry) Who gave you permission to smile? Shut up!

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