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The Social Network quotes

Eduardo Saverin: They're saying, the Winklevoss twins are saying that you stole their idea.
Mark Zuckerberg: I find that to be a little more than mildly annoying.
Eduardo Saverin: Oh? Well, they find it to be intellectual property theft. Why didn't you show this to me?
Mark Zuckerberg: (flippantly) It was addressed to me.
Eduardo Saverin: They're saying that we stole theFaceBook from Divya Narendera and the Winklevosses.
Mark Zuckerberg: (trying to grab the letter out of Eduardo's hands) I know what it says!
Eduardo Saverin: Did we?
Mark Zuckerberg: Did we what?
Eduardo Saverin: Don't screw around with me now. Look at me!
Mark Zuckerberg: (Mark begrudgingly looks up at him)
Eduardo Saverin: The letter says we could face legal action.
Mark Zuckerberg: No, it says I could face legal action.
Eduardo Saverin: This is from a lawyer Mark, they must feel they have some grounds.
Mark Zuckerberg: The lawyer is their father's house council!
Eduardo Saverin: Do they have grounds?
Mark Zuckerberg: The grounds are our thing is cool and popular and HarvardConnection is lame! Wardo, I didn't use any of their code, I promise. I didn't use anything! Look, a guy who builds a nice chair doesn't owe money to everyone who ever has built a chair, okay? They came to me with an idea, I had a better one.
Eduardo Saverin: Why didn't you show me this letter?
Mark Zuckerberg: I didn't think it was a big deal.
Eduardo Saverin: (sighs before sitting down beside Mark) Okay, if there's something wrong. If there's ever anything wrong, you can tell me, I'm the guy that wants to help. This is OUR thing. Now, is there ANYTHING that you need to tell me?
Mark Zuckerberg: (very pointedly) No.

Eduardo Saverin: Don't fish eat other fish? The marlins and the trout!

Sean Parker: Drop the "The." Just "Facebook." It's cleaner

Mark Zuckerberg: As for any charges stemming from the breach of security, I believe I deserve some recognition from this board.
Ad Board Chairwoman: I'm sorry?
Mark Zuckerberg: Yes?
Ad Board Chairwoman: I don't understand.
Mark Zuckerberg: Which part?

Tyler Winklevoss: Sir, it's against university rules to steal from another student, plain and simple.
Larry Summers: You've spoken to your house master?
Cameron Winklevoss: Yes, sir. And the house master made a recommendation to the Ad Board, but the Ad Board won't see us.
Larry Summers: Have you tried dealing with the other student directly?
Cameron Winklevoss: Mr. Zuckerberg hasn't been responding to any of our emails or phone calls for the last two weeks. He doesn't answer when we knock on his door at Kirkland and the closest I've come to dealing with him face-to-face is when I saw him on the quad and chased him through Harvard Square.
Larry Summers: You chased him?
Cameron Winklevoss: (Stuttering a little) I-I-I saw him and I know he saw me. I went after him and then he disappeared.
Larry Summers: I don't see this as a university issue.
Tyler Winklevoss: Of course this is a university issue. There's a code of ethics and an honor code and he violated them both
Larry Summers: You enter into a code of ethics with the university, not with each other.
Tyler Winklevoss: I'm sorry, president Summers, but what you just said makes no sense to me at all.
Larry Summers: (Sarcastically) I'm devastated by that.

Marylin Delpy: (Last Lines) You're not an as*****, Mark. You're just trying so hard to be.

Divya Narendra: Everybody on campus was using it. "Facebook me" was the common expression after two weeks. And Mark was the biggest thing on a campus that included 19 Nobel laureates, 15 Pulitzer prize winners, 2 future Olympians and a movie star.
Sy: Who's the movie star?
Divya Narendra: Does it matter?

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