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The Secret of My Success quotes

Grace Foster: Take this. It's Uncle Howard's phone number in New York.
Brantley Foster: I've got an uncle in New York?
Grace Foster: My cousin Ellen married his half-sister's nephew, before she got bit by that dog and died.

Howard Prescott: What you are doing in here?
Vera Prescott: (half naked) Feeling romantic...
Howard Prescott: Oh. What's for dinner?
Vera Prescott: Ohh, Howard! You really know how to sweep a girl back onto her feet.

Brantley Foster: Look, I like you, I really like you, but I gotta tell you, I have become seriously and emotionally involved with someone who isn't my aunt.
Vera Prescott: I forgive you, Brantley. (continues trying to seduce him)

Brantley Foster: All right, listen up. If there are any bugs in here, or rats, or anything that has more legs than I do, you just stay on your side of the room, okay? I'll stay on mine. I should warn you, I'm packing an iron.

Brantley Foster: Aunt Vera, listen, since the last time we met there's been a change.
Vera Prescott: Yes... nice suit, Brantley! (she starts undressing him; he tries to escape)
Brantley Foster: Agh! Ow! Look, what I mean to say is... Oh, Christ! I'm not free any more!
Vera Prescott: What, you're going to charge me? Oh ho, you're getting awfully cynical - does your mother know about this?
Brantley Foster: Ohh, no, I am not available.
Vera Prescott: Oh, good, you're not going to charge me.

Brantley Foster: Oh, God. What are you doing here?
Vera Prescott: Brantley, darling, I heard you calling me telepathically - I'm VERY psychic - so of COURSE I rushed right over.
Brantley Foster: I would've used the phone...
Vera Prescott: Mental telepathy's much more reliable.

Christy Wills: Just tell me one more time what your solution is to this crisis.
Brantley Foster: We don't cut, we expand. (the waitress, Sheila, arrives)
Sheila: I agree. Expansion is a positive reaction to the universe, while retraction, or cutting back, or pulling off, those are all negative forces. I used to be very negative, and then I took this personality workshop - my whole life turned around. Hiya, my name's Sheila. You make a good-looking couple - how long you been going together?
Brantley Foster: About 20 minutes.
Sheila: Ohhhhh, first date, huh? Good luck.
Christy Wills: No, we're business colleagues.
Sheila: Colleagues, who needs that? You should go together. You look good together. - Oh, oh, d'you want to order?
Brantley Foster: Yeah, we need to see some menus, Sheila.
Sheila: Menus! I'm sorry. - I'm studying to be an actress. I'm a much better actress than I am a waitress. Concentration, that's my big problem. I'll be right back.
Brantley Foster: Well, Sheila's in favor of expansion.
Christy Wills: We should bring her to our next executive meeting. I think Art Thomas would like her a lot.
Brantley Foster: Sheila is also in favor of us seeing each other.
Christy Wills: Yes, well, Sheila is clearly a nut.
Sheila: (from across the room) I heard that! You should try to be more positive with your life, or you're gonna wind up miserable.
Christy Wills: (hiding behind her hand) She heard me!

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