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The Score quotes

Max: I always pay you what's right.
Nick: You always think you do. I always know what you pay me.

Nick: How can I be sure you're okay?
Diane: I suppose I could fu** you.
Nick: That would work.

Steven: (throwing an empty soda can at the stairs) I'm on the phone, bi***!

Steven: (covering the phone) I am having a civil fu***** conversation with one of my friends, Mother!

Jackie Teller: Make a move, make a sound and you're dead. Understand me?
Danny: (nods in shock)
Jackie Teller: Turn around.
Danny: (does and is shocked) Brian?
Jackie Teller: Shh! Be quiet. (after a moment)
Jackie Teller: Danny.....Danny...I wish you hadn't come down here. (leads him towards closet)
Jackie Teller: Get over there. Turn around. Come on, let's go. Turn around. Walk over there. Open the door. Open it. (Danny does)
Jackie Teller: Get inside. (Danny does)
Jackie Teller: Look at me. You're a good guy. I don't want to hurt you. But if you try to open that fu***** door, I will do it. Understand?
Danny: (nods)
Jackie Teller: Stay in there and be quiet. Everything will be fine.

Nick Wells: Nice working with you, ace. Okay, bye-bye.

Max: (to Jack) You're not old enough to know where your di** is!

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