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The Rookie quotes

Jimmy: Do you know how many guys can throw a ball 98 miles an hour?
Lorri: (shrugs) Not many?
Jimmy: You can count them with one hand.

Lorri: Jim Morris, I'm a Texas woman, which means I don't need the help of a man to keep things running.

Lorri: So how does it feel to be the oldest rookie in the last 30 years?
Jimmy: I don't know... I'm tired.

Sanchez: So, Riv, what was it like watching the Babe play?
Jimmy: You sure you wanna start this?
Sanchez: How many fans did you lose when they raised ticket prices to 50 cents?
Jimmy: Almost as many as we lose when you pitch!
Brooks: Oooh! And this game is over, baby!

Joaquin 'Wack' Campos: (after being the first Owl to get a foul tip off of Jimmy's fastball) Got a piece of that one!
Jimmy: Now get all of it.

Joel De La Garza: (while him and Jimmy play catch) Hey coach, back when you were really pitching, how fast were you throwing it?
Jimmy: I don't know. 85, 86?
Joel De La Garza: That's not too bad.
Jimmy: It is when the other guy's throwing 90.
Joel De La Garza: Coach, let's see you bring one.
Jimmy: Can't. Promised too many doctors.
Joel De La Garza: Come on, coach, one isn't going to kill you. Come on, feed me!
Hunter: Yeah, dad, bring the heat!
Joel De La Garza: (Jim gets himself ready while Joel waits in the catcher's position) Feed me, coach. (Jim pauses, then winds up and throws his fastball, which audibly whisses by and hits hard into Joel's glove, much to the shock of him and Hunter)
Hunter: Woah!
Joel De La Garza: Coach, where did that come from?
Jimmy: (Smiles) Forgot how good that sounded.

Jimmy: Anybody wanna tell me how we lost that game? Hmmm? No? How about taking a look at the numbers on that scoreboard out there? What do those numbers tell you?
Joe David West: How to get ahold of Bo's Tire Barn? (team laughs, Jimmy pauses, obviously not amused)
Jimmy: You quit. You quit out there. You quit on me and, worse, you quit on yourselves. Now, what is it? You think we don't care about baseball around here? Think the school's gonna drop the program? You're just making it easy for 'em. Sad part is, I see it and you don't.

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