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The River Wild quotes

Wade: We never had nicknames where I came from. Certainly not "White Water." White trash, maybe.

Policeman: What happened?
Roarke: My mom got us down the river.
Policeman: How about your dad? What did he do?
Roarke: My dad? He saved our lives.

Gail: You're gonna scream your guts out, you'll be so happy.

Roarke: How come you're on his side?
Gail: I'm not on anybody's side, I'm on everybody's side, I'm the mother.

Wade: I'm in charge now. I could bury you and Roarke tonight. I could do anything I want with you.
Gail: Then go ahead. Don't keep telling me how tough you are, Wade, just show me.

Gail: Are you makin' a pass at me?
Tom: I don't know, is that what it's called this far outside of Boston?
Gail: This far *inside* of marriage, you mean.
Tom: I think we're sufficiently alienated for this to qualify as a pass.

Wade: I want to thank you, Tom. You saved my life.
Tom: Uh - don't worry about it.
Wade: You didn't have to hit me, though.
Tom: ...Yes I did.

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