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The Ring quotes

Rachel Keller: She wanted that child more than anything in the world. How could she have done that...? She just wanted to be heard. Sometimes children yell, or cry... or draw pictures...

Rachel Keller: I think before you die, you see the ring...

Ruth: Rachel, please. I saw her face.

Rachel Keller: Hey Noah, can you pretend for a second that I don't read "Video Geek Magazine"?
Noah: Okay, when you record a tape, the makeup on the track is like a signature for whatever did the recording like a VCR, camcorder, or whatever, so the control track can tell us where it came from. But to not have one, I mean that's like being born without finger prints.
Rachel Keller: Then how did this get recorded?
Noah: I don't know.

Doctor: Let's talk about these pictures you make.
Samara Morgan: I don't make them, I see them... and then... they just... are.

Teacher: Yes, I know, but these pictures...
Rachel Keller: Are Aidan's way of working it out. He'll be okay.
Teacher: (referring to Katie) You said that she died 3 days ago?
Rachel Keller: Yes.
Teacher: Aidan drew these last week.

Noah: (after watching the tape) I'm sure it's a lot scarier at night.

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