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The Ring Two quotes

Evelyn: It was you! You did it!
Rachel Keller: What did I do?
Evelyn: You let the dead get in.

Rachel Keller: Honey, tell me, what happened in your dream?
Aidan Keller: I don't remember.

Evil Samara: I found you.

Evelyn: They don't dream, you know. The dead don't dream, and the dead never sleep. They wait, they watch for a way to get back. My baby told me to, just like your's will tell you, and you have to do it. You have to send it back. They stopped me. Don't let them stop you. You have to listen to the voices. You know what they did? They let the dead get in. They let the dead get in.

Evil Samara: Mommy!
Rachel Keller: I'm not your fu***** mommy! (Rachel pushes the lid of the well shut, trapping Samara)

Rachel Keller: What kind of doctor did you say you were?
Dr. Emma Temple: I'm a psychiatrist, yeah.

Aidan Keller: She came looking for me. That means she loves me.

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