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The Proposal quotes

Mr. Gilbertson: (at the Green Card interview) Are you soul mates?
Ramone: Uhm, would we kill each other? No!

Andrew Paxton: (sarcastically) You can do this, but that would require you to stop snacking on children while they dream.

Margaret Tate: Andrew! Andrew! Andrew! (throws a pillow at him, waking him up)
Margaret Tate: (whispering) Your mother's at the door, get up here! Get up here!
Margaret Tate: (to Andrew's mother) Just a second! (Andrew throws his pillow and blanket at her)
Margaret Tate: (whispering as she takes Andrew's blankets off the bed) Baby blanket, get it off, get it off...
Margaret Tate: (Andrew gets close to her, as if they were sleeping together, as she feels something) Oh my God, what is that?
Andrew Paxton: I'm sorry... it's morning!
Margaret Tate: What do you mean it's morning? (Andrew rolls his eyes, as the meaning is obvious)

Margaret Tate: (on sleeping in the same bedroom with Andrew) We love to snuggle. Don't we honey?
Andrew Paxton: (sarcastically) Huge snugglers.

Grandma Annie: (Introducing the new family dog to Margaret) Don't let him out. The eagles will sn**** him.

Joe Paxton: (after Margaret's plane takes off) What's wrong?
Grace Paxton: Margaret's on that plane.
Grandma Annie: And he didn't get to tell her!
Joe Paxton: Tell her what?
Grace Paxton: That he loves her.
Grandma Annie: So she could tell him that she loves him too.
Joe Paxton: Yeah but how does he...
Grace Paxton: If she didn't love him, she wouldn't have left.
Grandma Annie: Of course not.
Joe Paxton: Am I the only one not getting this?
Grace Paxton: Oh, Joe!

Andrew Paxton: (referring to the story about how he proposed to Margaret) You know what? Actually, Margaret loves telling this story, so I'm just gonna let her go ahead and do that. We should just sit and rapture.
Margaret Tate: Wow, okay... wow, where to begin... the story... Well, um, wow... Okay, well, um, Andrew and I... Andrew and I were about to celebrate our first anniversary together and I knew that he'd been itching to ask me to marry him and he was scared, like a little tiny bird. So, I started leaving him little hints here and there because I knew he wouldn't have the guts to ask...
Andrew Paxton: That's not exactly how it happened.
Margaret Tate: No?
Andrew Paxton: No, no, I mean I picked up on all of her little hints... this woman is about as subtle as a gun. Yeah, no what I was worried about was that she might find this little box...
Margaret Tate: Oh, the decoupage box that he made, where he'd taken the time to cut out twenty little pictures of himself, just pasted all over the box. So beautiful! I opened that beautiful little decoupage and out fluttered these tiny little hand cut heart confettis and once they cleared, I looked down and I saw the most beautiful, big...
Andrew Paxton: ...fat nothing! No ring.
Grandma Annie: No ring?
Grace Paxton: What?
Andrew Paxton: No, but inside that box, underneath all that cr**, a handwritten note with the address to a hotel, date and time. Real Humphrey Bogart type stuff. Masculine. Naturally, Margaret, she thought...
Margaret Tate: I thought he was seeing someone else... so it was a terrible time for me, but I went to that hotel anyway, I went there and I pounded on the door. But the door was already unlocked. As I swung open that door, there he was...
Andrew Paxton: Standing.
Margaret Tate: Kneeling.
Andrew Paxton: Like a man.
Margaret Tate: On a bed of rosebuds, in a tuxedo. Your son. Your son... and he was choking back soft, soft sobs. And when he held back the tears and finally caught his breath, he said to me...
Andrew Paxton: 'Margaret, will you marry me?' and she said 'yep', the end!

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