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The Polar Express (re release) quotes

The Conductor: What in the name of Mike?

The Boy: I believe.

The Conductor: Caribou Crossing?
The Conductor: Boy, we are in some serious jelly!
The Conductor: It's five minutes to midnight.
Know-It-All: What gives? Its been five minutes to midnight for the last four minutes.
The Conductor: Exactly!

The Boy: (after sounding the train whistle) I've wanted to do that my whole life!

Hobo: What exactly is... is your persuasion on the Big Man, since you brought him up?
The Boy: Well, I... I want to believe... but...
Hobo: But you don't want to be bamboozled. You don't want to be led down the primrose path! You don't want to be conned or duped. Have the wool pulled over your eyes. Hoodwinked! You don't want to be taken for a ride. Railroaded! (Hobo puts out fire with the joe)
Hobo: Seeing is believing. Am I right?

Hobo: That skirt you're chasing must've moved on ahead. We got to high tail it to the hog, pronto!
Hero Boy: The hog?
Hobo: The engine. The engine, you tenderfoot. We've got to make it before we hit Flat-Top Tunnel.
Hero Boy: Why?
Hobo: (sighs) So many questions. There's but one inch of clearance between the roof of this rattler and the top of Flat-Top Tunnel. Savvy?

Santa Claus: There's no greater gift than friendship.

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