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The Patriot quotes

Capt. Wilkins: (after they have locked the townspeople in the church) Ready to fire the town on your order, sir.
Colonel William Tavington: (laughs) The town? Burn the church.

Benjamin Martin: He cannot be held as a spy.
Colonel William Tavington: Oh, we're not going to hold him. We're going to hang him.

Susan Martin: Papa! Papa, don't, I'll say anything! Please, papa, I'll say anything you want, tell me what you want me to say and I'll say it... Papa please don't go!

Lord General Cornwallis: Their names and ranks?
Benjamin Martin: They refuse to give me their names, but the ranks are nine lieutenants, five captains, three majors, and one very fat colonel who called me a... "cheeky fellow."

Gabriel Edward Martin: (as he is lying there wounded, and sees his father appear) Father...
Benjamin Martin: Shh... don't talk, don't talk.
Gabriel Edward Martin: (gasps for air, groans) Father. I'm sorry...
Benjamin Martin: Ssh, be quiet. I'm going to take care of you. You're going to be all right.
Gabriel Edward Martin: Pa. I'm sorry about Thomas.
Benjamin Martin: Oh son, that wasn't your fault. (Gabriel lets out a soft groan)
Benjamin Martin: That was mine. (Gabriel gasps for final breaths of air)
Benjamin Martin: Hold on, you're gonna be all right... Don't go. Gabriel, don't... (Ben sobs quietly while touching his son's face)
Benjamin Martin: (cries and whispers) Oh! God help me. God help me.

Lord General Cornwallis: (Sees Taverton leading cavalry charge without an order) da** HIM, da** THAT MAN!

Major Jean Villeneuve: (to Occam) Here. A proper musket for you.
Dan Scott: I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't like the idea of giving muskets to slaves.
Major Jean Villeneuve: (to Dan) Your sense of freedom is as pale as your skin.

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