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The Parent Trap quotes

Annie: Any of your pictures ruined?
Hallie: Only the beautiful Leo DiCaprio...
Annie: Who?
Hallie: You've never heard of Leonardo DiCaprio? How far away is London anyway?

Hallie: (seeing Meredith before they leave for their camping trip) Dad, what's Meredith doing here?
Nick Parker: Your mother invited her.
Annie: What?
Nick Parker: Be nice.

Hallie as Annie: (suddenly recognizing her grandfather as the man who had been standing outside the phone booth, and realizing that he has therefore heard everything she was saying to Annie and so knows that something is up) Uh-oohhhh...
Grandpa Charles James: (in a slightly stern but kindly tone, and with an obvious amused twinkle) "Uh-oh" is right. Now suppose you and I just take a little stroll in the park, young lady, and you can tell me awl-l-l-l-l about it?
Hallie as Annie: (in a resigned but slightly hopeful voice, feeling encouraged that her grampa didn't get mad right off) Okay.

Hallie as Annie: His and hers kids. No offense, Mom, but this arrangement really sucks.
Elizabeth James: I agree, it totally sucks.

Chessy, the Parker's Maid: (seeing Martin for the first time, dazed) Hello
Martin, the James' Butler: (French music plays) Hello... hello to you
Elizabeth James: Chessy, this is our butler, Martin.
Chessy, the Parker's Maid: How do you do? (pointing at Hallie)
Chessy, the Parker's Maid: I'm her butler.
Martin, the James' Butler: Enchanté mademoiselle (kisses her hand)
Chessy, the Parker's Maid: Gee, the pleasure's all mine monsieur.

Annie: (Hallie just finished cutting Annie's hair to look like hers) This is so scary.
Hallie: Honey, you never looked better.

Chessy, the Parker's Maid: (upon seeing Elizabeth after so many years) Hi, you probably don't remember me. I...
Elizabeth James: (gives her a kiss on the cheek) Chessy!
Chessy, the Parker's Maid: I knew I always liked her.

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