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The Paper quotes

Henry: Doesn't anybody say "good morning" any more?
Carmen: I don't think so.

Henry: For God's sakes, Alicia. We're not gonna ask some news reporter to wait until after 5:00 to make out-of-state phone calls. It's ridiculous. I'm not gonna do it.
Alicia: Okay, let's let them make free phone sex calls too.
Henry: You mean as a kind of bonus? That's not a bad idea. Why don't you start with Phil?

Michael McDougal: What's with all the grunt work? I'm a columnist.
Henry: You're not a columnist. You're a reporter who writes long.

Michael McDougal: A woman's been shot. We need an ambulance.
Alicia: Could I have one too?

Martha: Oh, come on! I dump a big, fat juicy steak in your lap, and you ask for sauce?

Alicia: We're not exactly the Washington Post, okay?
Michael McDougal: No, we're not. We run stupid headlines because we think they're funny. We run maimings on the front page because we got good art. And I spend three weeks bi****** about my car because it sells papers. But at least it's the truth. As far as I can remeber we never ever, ever knowingly got a story wrong, until tonight.

Lou: Great. "Gotcha" with a slammer.
Anna: Oh yeah, god forbid this paper ever runs anything without an exclamation mark.

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