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The Nutty Professor II The Klumps quotes

Sherman Klump: You know it's funny how you get used to certain things. You get used to being overweight. You even get used to people making fun of you. Somewhere along the line I got used to being alone. I just don't want to be alone anymore.

Grandma Klump: Does Cletus know I'm strapped?
Papa Klump: Come on, shoot.
Grandma Klump: I'm strapped, ni***!

Denise's Nosy Neighbor: (to Sherman) Pervert! 'Beef in your taco'!

Grandma Klump: The other day I got out the shower and I bend down to reach for a towel, and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Shot through my chest and up around my shoulder and down my spine. I thought "Oh, Lord." I thought I was dying. I bent over and looked, and I was standing on my own titty.
Mama Klump: You don't need a breast reduction, just be more careful.
Grandma Klump: Both feet, too. Both feet.

Grandma Klump: Now that's what I call the Muy Caliente El Negro Special!

Buddy Love: So that's where Sherman's hiding the formula. Klumpville. Chunky town. Big-as* city! Heh heh heh!

Sherman Klump: I never... never wanted to hurt you. Understand? I thought that if you knew Buddy was a part of me, you wouldn't have me.
Denise: Oh my God, Sherman.
Sherman Klump: I should've had more faith in you. Should've had more faith in myself.

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