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The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor quotes

Rick O'Connell: Whoa whoa whoa. Sorry pal, there's a mummy on the loose.

Lin: I'll go after the Emperor.
Alex O'Connell: Trust me, I've got a little more experience with mummies.
Lin: (Pulling out a dagger) And I have the only weapon that can kill him!
Alex O'Connell: Okay, I'll cover you! Let's go!

Mad Dog Maguire: I'd tell you to fasten your seatbelts, but I was too cheap to buy any. (laughs)
Rick O'Connell: (laughs) Why am I laughing?

Alex O'Connell: When I saw you lying there Dad, I've never been so scared in my life.
Rick O'Connell: That makes two of us.
Alex O'Connell: You're not supposed to die. I mean you're Richard O'Connell, right? You get beat up, you get tossed around, but you're always standing there in the end. I never really thought of the world with out you.

Jonathan Carnahan: I hate mummies. They never play fair.

Mad Dog Maguire: (seeing a dragon flying below them) Rick, should I give up drinking?
Rick O'Connell: No.

Evelyn O'Connell: What is that god awful smell?
Jonathan Carnahan: (covered in puke) The Yak yakked.

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