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The Manchurian Candidate quotes

Eleanor Shaw: (to Raymond) But... but when you smile... oh darling, when you smile, that's what I live for. When you smile. (kisses his mouth)

Eleanor Shaw: Sergeant Shaw.
Raymond Shaw: (Abruptly) What...?
Eleanor Shaw: Sergeant Raymond Shaw.
Raymond Shaw: Mother, I...
Eleanor Shaw: Raymond Prentiss Shaw.
Raymond Shaw: Yes.
Eleanor Shaw: Listen.

Delp: I thought you said you lost this.
Ben Marco: I bit a guy. I found another one.

Ben Marco: This isn't an election, this is a coup.

Raymond Shaw: Are we friends, Ben? I wanna believe we were friends.
Ben Marco: We are connected and that's something nobody can take from us. You coulda had me locked up, but you didn't. That's proof that there's something deep inside. There's a part that they can't get to. And it's deep inside of us. And that's where the truth is.

Raymond Shaw: I served under him. He was a good man.
Eleanor Shaw: Well, that's what the neighbors always say about serial killers.

Ben Marco: (being brainwashed over the phone) Yes, senator?
Eleanor Shaw: Is this Captain Marco?
Ben Marco: Yep.
Eleanor Shaw: Captain Bennet Marco?
Ben Marco: Yes.
Eleanor Shaw: Bennet Ezikiel Marco?
Ben Marco: ...yes.
Eleanor Shaw: ...Listen.

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