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The Long Riders quotes

Jim Younger: (before the Northfield Raid) Maybe we need to send a couple of people down there and look things over before we just ride in there.
Jesse James: Clell's already scouted it out. What's wrong with you, Jim? Talkin' soft is something I'd expect from Cole or Frank.
Cole Younger: I gave up tryin' to talk sense to you a long time ago, Jesse.

Cole Younger: You still chargin' $15?
Belle Starr: (laughing) I sure am.
Cole Younger: (shaking his head) Lot of money.
Belle Starr: Well, at the rate you're losin' you won't have to worry about it. Course you could always hold up another bank; scare some more innocent people half to death.

Cole Younger: (Jesse has decided to leave the Youngers for the posse to find) I like it better this way, Jesse; I get to see you run.

Jacob Rixley: Mrs. James, we are going to search your house. I don't suppose it would do any good to ask nicely?
Zee Mimms/James: It won't do you any good to ask at all.
Jacob Rixley: You know, those men of yours are going to wind up dead or they're going to wind up worse.

Cole Younger: (regarding the Northfield Raid) That's kinda off our range, ain't it, Jesse? There's still a lot of banks and cathouses in Missouri we ain't done.

Cole Younger: What does the winner get?
Belle Starr: Nothin' both of you ain't already had.
Cole Younger: Don't hardly seem worth it.
Belle Starr: It ain't. You're both crazy, but you do keep me amused. I am having a *real* good time.

Frank James: Mr. Rixley?
Jacob Rixley: That's right.
Frank James: My name is Frank James. I came here to turn myself in. Here's my gun. I want something in return. I want to be able to bury my brother.
Jacob Rixley: Suppose I don't agree to your terms?
Frank James: I'll kill you.

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