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The Karate Kid quotes

Johnny Lawrence: (to Daniel) You couldn't leave well enough alone, could you, little twerp? No, you had to push it. Well, now you're gonna pay!

Kreese: (at the Cobra Kai dojo) Class, we have visitors. Fall in behind me. Hai! (approaches Daniel and Miyagi, then speaks to Miyagi)
Kreese: I hear you jumped some of my students last night.
Miyagi: Afraid facts mixed up.
Kreese: You calling Mr. Lawrence a liar?
Miyagi: No call no one nothing.
Kreese: What are you here for, old man?
Miyagi: Come ask leave boy alone.
Kreese: What's the matter, the boy can't take care of his own problems?
Miyagi: One to one problem, yes. FIVE to one problem, too much ask anyone.
Kreese: Is that what's bothering you? The odds? Well, we can fix that. Feel like matching, Mr. Lawrence?
Johnny Lawrence: Yes, sensei!
Miyagi: No more fighting.
Kreese: This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class. You don't come into my dojo, drop a challenge and leave, old man. Now you get your boy on the mat, or you and I will have a major problem.
Miyagi: Too much advantage. Your dojo.
Kreese: Name a place.
Miyagi: Tournament.
Kreese: (laughs) You've got real nerve, old man. Real nerve. But I think we can accomodate you. Can't we, Mr. Lawrence?
Johnny Lawrence: Yes, sensei.
Kreese: Fall in. (Johnny turns and leaves)
Miyagi: Ask one more small request.
Kreese: Make it fast.
Miyagi: Ask leave boy alone to train.
Kreese: You're a pushy little ba*****, ain't ya? But I like that. I like that! All right. No one touches the prima donna until the tournament. Is that understood? (class responds with "YES SENSEI!")
Kreese: But if you don't show, it's open season on him... and you. (they nod at each other)

Miyagi: (teaching Daniel to punch, wearing a catcher's mask and pads) Secret to punch, make power of whole body fit inside one inch, here. (points to Daniel's closed fist)
Miyagi: Power, whole body, one inch, here. Now, punch. Hard.
Daniel: (punches Miyagi in the chest... weakly)
Miyagi: What'sa matter, you some kind of coward or something? (makes punching gesture)
Miyagi: Punch! Drive a punch! Not just arm, whole body! Hip, leg, drive a punch! Make "kiai." Kiai! Give you power. Now, drive punch.
Daniel: (punching Miyagi harder) Kiai!
Miyagi: Once more.
Daniel: (punches again, even harder) Kiai!
Miyagi: Very good, Daniel-san!
Daniel: (starts hopping around a bit) Pretty good, eh? Look at this! (mockingly punches Miyagi while continuing to bunny-hop)
Miyagi: (trying to stop him) Hai! Wait! Hai! Wait, Daniel-san!
Daniel: (dancing around very quickly and still playfully punching Miyagi) What do you think, Mr. Miyagi?
Miyagi: (knocks Daniel down) I tell you what Miyagi think! I think you *dance around* too much! I think you *talk* too much! I think you not concentrate enough! Lots of work to be done! Tournament just around corner!

Daniel: Hey - you ever get into fights when you were a kid?
Miyagi: Huh - plenty.
Daniel: Yeah, but it wasn't like the problem I have, right?
Miyagi: Why? Fighting fighting. Same same.
Daniel: Yeah, but you knew karate.
Miyagi: Someone always know more.
Daniel: You mean there were times when you were scared to fight?
Miyagi: Always scare. Miyagi hate fighting.
Daniel: Yeah, but you like karate.
Miyagi: So?
Daniel: So, karate's fighting. You train to fight.
Miyagi: That what you think?
Daniel: (pondering) No.
Miyagi: Then why train?
Daniel: (thinks) So I won't have to fight.
Miyagi: (laughs) Miyagi have hope for you.

Daniel: I can't believe this. I cannot believe this.
Miyagi: What?
Daniel: What you just got me into in there.
Miyagi: Huh?
Daniel: You said you were going to make things better for me.
Miyagi: But I did.
Daniel: How?
Miyagi: How? Just saved you two months beating.
Daniel: Oh great now I really have something to look forward to.

Daniel: Wouldn't a fly swatter be easier?
Miyagi: Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.
Daniel: Ever catch one?
Miyagi: Not yet.

Kreese: Bobby - I want him out of commission.
Bobby: But Sensei, I can beat this guy!
Kreese: I don't want him beat.
Bobby: But I'll be disqualified!
Kreese: (icily) Out of commission.

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