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The Karate Kid Part III quotes

Terry Silver: (speaking to Mike Barnes) If you're looking to be a bad boy in L.A., Snake's the boy to be bad with. Right, Snake?
Snake: You know it.

Daniel Larusso: Why don't you just take off.
Dennis: (shoves Daniel hard) You take off!

Terry Silver: Perfect!

Terry Silver: Now the real pain begins, Danny-boy.

Terry Silver: A man can't stand, he can't fight.

Daniel Larusso: (practicing karate in garden when suddenly the gate busts open)
Mike Barnes: Hey sh** head! Why'd you call the cops on me?
Daniel Larusso: Why'd you take the trees?
Mike Barnes: You have no proof.
Daniel Larusso: Did the tooth fairy leave the application? (the two fight until Barnes has Daniel on the ground)
Mike Barnes: (steps on Daniel's throat) How'd you make it last year? Much less win?
Terry Silver: Let him up!
Mike Barnes: Who are you? His mother?
Terry Silver: Maybe. (They fight until, Terry Silver has Mike by the hair)
Mike Barnes: (afraid he's going to fall, he leans a hand on Silver for balance)
Terry Silver: Don't touch me. Don't touch me!
Mike Barnes: (shaking lets go)
Terry Silver: Now, if I ever even see you on the same street with this kid I will seriously mess you up. Okay?
Mike Barnes: Ok...
Terry Silver: OKAY?
Mike Barnes: YES!
Terry Silver: (lets him go) Good! (kicks his bu**)
Terry Silver: Now get the hell out of here!
Mike Barnes: (zooms out of garden)
Terry Silver: (helping Daniel up) Who was that guy?
Daniel Larusso: The guy I'm going to be fighting.
Terry Silver: Oh. Well, here I brought your book.
Daniel Larusso: Thanks.
Terry Silver: Now let me give you a little lesson on how to deal with punks like that.

Terry Silver: (at the climax of Daniel's training) Visualize: this is not a bunch of sticks and pipes anymore; this is not some pathetic mugger who needs a couple of dollars so he can eat. No! This is a deadly, hungry wrecking machine who wants to detatch your head from the rest of your body and mount it over his fireplace! (Daniel gashes his fist on the 2X4 with Mike Barnes' picture)
Terry Silver: It's blood. So what? Make believe it's HIS! This guy wants to BREAK you! HUMILIATE you! STOMP YOU INTO THE GROUND! NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?
Daniel Larusso: ...NAIL HIM!
Terry Silver: SHOW ME! DO IT! (Daniel breaks all three 2X4s)
Terry Silver: YES! You nailed him! You're ready!

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