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The Karate Kid Part II quotes

Daniel: You could have killed him, couldn't you?
Mr. Miyagi: Hai.
Daniel: Well, why didn't you?
Mr. Miyagi: Because Daniel, for man with no forgiveness in heart, life worse punishment than death.

Chozen: You keep for your collection. I know, you'll like.

Daniel: (as Daniel is working to salvage the Miyagi family dojo and bonsai garden - which Chozen and Company ransacked the night before - Miyagi approaches and hands him a scroll. Miyagi has already agreed to fight Sato, who threatened the entire village with sale to a real-estate developer if Miyagi refused) What's this?
Mr. Miyagi: Last will and testament. Yukie get house and deed to village. You get house and pickup back home.
Daniel: No, I don't want the house and the pickup back home, I want you! Can't you call this off?
Mr. Miyagi: Tried everything.
Daniel: Well, can't we just leave? Can't we just forget about the honor garbage?
Mr. Miyagi: Has nothing to do with honor garbage. Has to do with village survival
Daniel: This isn't like three points and you're out. If you lose, I know what happens.
Mr. Miyagi: Oh, but Miyagi already won Daniel-san. No matter what happen, village will be safe forever.

Daniel: Hey, what's Sato doing here?
Mr. Miyagi: Don't know. (Sato gets out, dressed in a foreman's outfit)
Sato: I come help rebuild. Here deed to village. (bows low)
Sato: Forgive me, I beg of you.
Mr. Miyagi: (claps him on the shoulder) Oh, Sato, nothing to forgive. (Daniel and Kumiko approach)
Daniel: Mr. Sato? Can I say something? Well, o-bon's coming up, and they can't really have it in the village now...
Sato: What do you ask of me?
Daniel: Well, can they have it in the castle? I mean that's where it really belongs, isn't it?
Sato: (smiles at Miyagi) Your student become my teacher. (shouts)
Sato: O-bon will be held in castle, now and forever! (Cheering. Sato and Daniel shake hands)
Sato: One condition: you dance with us. Okay?
Daniel: Okay.
Mr. Miyagi: (puts his hand on theirs) Okay.

Chozen: You dance very nice (snickers)
Chozen: like geisha!

Miyagi: Daniel-san, never put passion before principle. Even if win, you lose.

Daniel: (referring to their o-bon dance) Maybe we should take it on the road!
Kumiko: (confused) But we're on the road.

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