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The Karate Kid 2010 quotes

Dre Parker: (Cheng says something in chinese) Whatever he's saying, he is lying!

Dre Parker: You know, you have a car in your living room, Mr. Han.

Dre Parker: How'd you do that out there? You, like, didn't even punch them. They beat each other up.
Mr. Han: When fighting angry, blind men, best to just stay out of the way.

Mr. Han: Jacket on! Jacket off!

Dre Parker: Do you think I could've won?
Mr. Han: Win or lose doesn't matter, Xiao Dre.
Dre Parker: You know that's not I mean. (long pause)
Mr. Han: Yes. I think you had a good chance.
Dre Parker: So let's do the fiery cup thing.
Mr. Han: You don't need to fight anymore. You have proven everything you need to prove.
Dre Parker: What, that I can get beat up easy and then quit? That's not balance, that's not real kung fu. You said that when life knocks you down, you could choose whether or not to get back up. Well, I'm trying to get back up, and why won't you help me?
Mr. Han: Because I cannot watch you get hurt anymore.
Dre Parker: Please, Mr. Han, please.
Mr. Han: Just tell me, Xiao Dre, why? Why do you need to go back out there so badly?
Dre Parker: Because I'm still scared. And no matter what happens, tonight, when I leave, I don't want to be scared anymore.

Mr. Han: What happened to eye?
Dre Parker: I ran into a pole.
Mr. Han: Interesting pole.

Sherry Parker: So, um, how many students do you have?
Mr. Han: Including Xiao Dre?
Sherry Parker: Yeah.
Mr. Han: One.

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