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The Jewel of the Nile quotes

Ralph: You know, I'll bet you can buy a great townhouse down here for around five or six dollars.

Joan Wilder: I'm going to write the truth about you!
Omar: The truth? If I wanted the truth, I would have hired 60 Minutes.

Jewel: Do not worry. I'm sure it's not my destiny to die on this mountain.
Joan: What about us?
Jewel: (pause) That's another ball game.

Jack Colton: If we get out of this alive, I'm going to kill you!

Omar: Who are you?
Ralph: Where's Al Jewelhala buried?
Omar: I said, who the hell are you?
Ralph: Hey, don't provoke me, pal! I've had a tough day here! You know how hot it is around here? It's 120 degrees in the shade! I'm like this with Weinberger! We'll be all over you like a cheap suit!

Ralph: You're all I thought about for six months. They threw me in a jail filled with rejects from the communicable disease ward. Every wacko, drippy, open-sored low-life was in that joint, all of them wanting to hire on as my proctologist.

Jack Colton: (Jack points flair gun at F-16 Pilot) OK, flyboy estimated time of departure is right now.

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