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The Interpreter quotes

Tour Guide: While there are now one hundred and ninety one nations represented, one hundred and forty more than there were in nineteen forty five, you'll only be required to learn the word "peace" in the six languages spoken on the General Assembly floor.

Silvia Broome: We don't name the dead.

Tobin Keller: I'd rather make the mistake of believing her, than the bigger one of not.

Kuman-Kuman: An almost-assassinated leader gets so much credibility, so he can stay in power and gets to stick around to enjoy it.

Silvia Broome: What do you do when you can't sleep?
Tobin Keller: I stay awake

American Ambassador Davis: Let's be clear, Mr. Ambassador. The United States may not recognize the I.C.C. as a legitimate court, but we certainly do not condone the methods President Zuwanie uses against his own people.
Silvia Broome: (translating from Ku) Dr. Zuwanie is an educator. He is... our teacher. But his opponents engage in evermore ferocious acts. The partisans of both Kuman-Kuman and Ajene Xola have become... terrorists.
American Ambassador Davis: The French proposal is a diplomatic headache for both of us.

Silvia Broome: What was her name?
Tobin Keller: Laurie. Keller. Killed in an auto accident in Santa Fe. Twenty-three days ago. (Sylvia says something in Ku)
Tobin Keller: Rest in peace?
Silvia Broome: Close enough.

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