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The Indian in the Cupboard quotes

Boone: (about whisky) Not one more drop as long as I live! (sees Omri and Patrick)
Boone: Ohhhhhhh, my dear sweet lord! (beat)
Boone: I need a drink.

Boone: Where may I ask, is my coffee? I always start my day with a cup of coffee.
Omri: Okay, if you're good, I'll make you breakfast.
Little Bear: Cook? Like a woman! You are a woman!
Omri: Oh please, you guys are so old fashioned.
Boone: I'll have you know I'm a civilized man. (looks at Little Bear)
Boone: Unlike some!
Little Bear: Where do you come from?
Boone: I come from TEXAS, Mr. Half-a-brain!

Boone: (crying) Everybody's so *BIG*!

Patrick: (about Boone and Little Bear) Don't put them together. You know; "Cowboys and Indians".
Omri: Duh!
Boone: Indians?

Little Bear: Omri cooks? Like a woman. You are a woman!

Robocop: (with gun aimed at Omri) Halt!
Boone: The boys back home call me boohoo Boone!"

Little Bear: (Before pulling the arrow out of Boone) Blood will flow. Get me husks!

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