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The Haunting quotes

Eleanor "Nell" Vance: You have trouble with comitment?
Theo: Well, my boyfriend thinks so, my girlfriend doesn't. We could all live together but, they hate each other.

Eleanor "Nell" Vance: Why do you need so many chains?
Mr. Dudley: That's a good question. What is it about fences? Sometimes the people on either side of the fence see a lock chain, they feel a little more conforted, why do you suppose that is?

Theo: We can't get out. Why won't he let us leave?
Dr. David Marrow: What do we do Eleanor?
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: He played hide-and-seek with them, that's why he built the house. You have to hide.
Dr. David Marrow: Hide? What does he think this is, a game?

Luke: Hey, you guys wanna hear something really scary? I just found this out. It turns out there's a more darker chapter in the Hugh Crain fairy-tale. Remember his lovely wife Renee? Well Renee, the town beauty, she didn't just die, she killed herself
Theo: Really? He just told you that?
Luke: Yes, but you can't say anything because he actually swore me to secrecy.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: Why did she kill herself?
Luke: The stillborn children story is more sinister, and maybe Hugh Crain was a horrible monster that drove her to it.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: Monster? But he built this house with the woman he loved like the Taj Mahal.
Theo: The Taj Mahal wasn't a palace, it was a tomb. And equally overdone.

Jane: Come live with us Nell; you have no idea how hard it is out there.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: No Jane, you have no idea how hard it was in here.

Dr. David Marrow: Eleanor, none of this is real.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: Yes, it is real.
Dr. David Marrow: It's not real.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: You have to go look for the bones in the fireplace
Dr. David Marrow: It's not real.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: I saw... I saw his wife hanging in the greenhouse, I know, I saw it.
Dr. David Marrow: No we'll be all gone, and the Dudley's will arrive in the morning and we can go. All of you.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: I can't believe you're not gonna look.
Theo: Ok, that's enough of you; I'm taking her upstairs. I think you've done enough.

Jane: You already owe two months worth of rent.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: It's mine, and you're not taking it away.
Jane: Read the will, Nell. It states in plain language, the executor shall have the right to dispose of any and all personal property, as he shall see fit.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: He's not even real family.
Jane: Yeah, maybe not, but clearly mother thought Lou would be better off dealing with these unpleasent details than you.
Eleanor "Nell" Vance: (angrily) Unpleasent details? What have I been dealing with for the past eleven years? I've cooked, I've cleaned, I've mopped up for you and you call that an unpleasent detail?

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