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The Haunted Mansion quotes

Ramsley: da** you. da** you all to Hell!

Ramsley: If anyone has any objections... (Jim bursts in)
Jim: Yeah, I got a few objections!

Master Gracey: (On the verge of tears) She doesn't remember! It can't be her!
Ramsley: It is her, sir. The gypsy woman prophesized her return and now the time has come. You'd had best get ready.
Master Gracey: But she doesn't remember!
Ramsley: In time she will, sir. I assure you, she will.

Master Gracey: I'm warning you, sir. (pulls out his sword)
Master Gracey: Step away.
Jim: Man, don't think just because you pull out your sword I'm going to let you marry my wife.
Master Gracey: My patience is wearing thin.

Jim: Wait a minute. You're telling me this guy is dead, and the only reason we were brought here is he wants to get jiggy with my wife.
Ezra: Pretty much. Are you upset?
Jim: The guy is dead, and he's trying to get with my wife. And the house isn't really for sale. Yes, I'm upset.

Megan: (whacks spider) There. Ya happy?
Jim: No, I'm not happy! I'm trying to show Michael how important it is to whack your own spiders!
Megan: (walking away) Whatever.

Sara Evers: I am not Elizabeth.

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