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The Hangover Part III quotes

Alan: You don't get it Stu. You. Just. Don't. Get It. I have over 60 apps on that phone. Do you know how much time and manhours it would take to redownload those apps?

Mr. Chow: You want Chow spirit hang over you when you make fu** on your wife?

Mr. Chow: Hold still, I'm trying to help! (fires a gun wildly)
Stu: Are you out of your mind?

Phil: da** it! I left my phone in the Minivan.
Alan: Oh Phil, I have that find my phone app.
Phil: Alan, we have bigger problems than that at the moment.
Stu: No wait. If Chow has the minivan and your phone is in the minivan that means your phone is with Chow.
Alan: Stu, you heard Phil. We have bigger problems than that.

Stu: I told myself, I would never come back.
Phil: Don't worry, it all ends tonight...

Mr. Chow: (naked with samurai sword) Yeah, we had a sick night, bi*****!

Mr. Chow: Who sent you?
Phil: No one! No. We just wanted to see you!
Mr. Chow: Liar! No one wants to see Chow!

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