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The Green Hornet quotes

Danny 'Crystal' Clear: How do I pronounce your name? Tchaikovsky?
Chudnofsky: Chudnofsky.
Danny 'Crystal' Clear: Char... Chudofsk... Chowdofsky?
Chudnofsky: Chud-nof-sky.
Danny 'Crystal' Clear: Chudnofsky? All right. Chudnofsky, kiss my as*. Put your lips to my as* and kiss it. French kiss it. Tickle it with your grey whiskers. I got bittersweet news for you. You're washed up. You're old. You're boring. You're not scary. You dress like sh**. It's over for you, okay. That's the bitter news. Now the sweet news is: You can retire. You can go play golf, eat your dinners at 3:00 in the afternoon, play with your grandkids, drink Metamucil, old people sh**. Okay? (smiles)
Danny 'Crystal' Clear: Look at me. I got a name people can say. My name's Danny Clear. I deal with crystal meth. People call me Crystal Clear. It's easy. Check out my kick-as* hangout here. I got sh** loads of glass everywhere. I got a see-through piano. Look at my boys. They're pimped out. We got Gucci, Armani, another Gucci, tailor-made. This is what you need to get to the top today. Not hard work. Not looking like Disco Santa Claus. You need charisma. You look like my Uncle Greg. Very nice guy, but, he's a dentist. Now consider this your retirement letter. Boom. It's over. See your way out.

Chudnofsky: And so, thunder strikes lightning.

Chudnofsky: Now trembled before your death. For be it my mask, or be it your blood, red will be the last color that you'll ever see.

Jack Reid: Trying doesn't matter if you always fail.

Kato: You shot yourself face by mistake.
Britt Reid: How long was I out? What time is it?
Kato: Two o'clock.
Britt Reid: Oh, that's not so bad.
Kato: On Thursday.
Britt Reid: It's Thursday? Are you ki... It's not Monday right now?
Kato: No. I'm sorry.
Britt Reid: Did you put this diaper on me? Well, what did I miss?
Kato: Nothing really. I did some work on the Black Beauties.
Britt Reid: "Beauties"? (Britt looks in the garage, sees more "Black Beauty" Chrysler Imperials)
Britt Reid: Holy cr**.
Kato: They're backups.
Britt Reid: How the hell did you do this in four days?
Kato: It's been 11 days.
Britt Reid: Whoa, 11 days? What? Are kidding me? I wasn't sleeping, I was in a coma, di**!

Britt Reid: Let's roll, Kato!

Mike Axford: You are blowing this guy completely out of proportion.
Britt Reid: I will blow this guy in any proportion I want!

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