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The Greatest Game Ever Played quotes

Eddie Lowery: Hey, Francis, who's that fat guy?
Francis Ouimet: Oh, my Gosh. That's President Taft.
Eddie Lowery: (excitedly) You mean the United States President Taft? (waving)
Eddie Lowery: How ya doin', Mr. President?

Eddie Lowery: You gotta' settle down Francis.
Francis Ouimet: Yeah, and how do you expect to do that?
Eddie Lowery: (looking at Francis) You just havetuh play better. (backing up)
Eddie Lowery: Keep your head down!

Eddie Lowery: Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

Francis Ouimet: Don't ever talk to my caddy again.

Sarah Wallis: Are you Francis' caddy? (Eddie nods)
Sarah Wallis: Will you give this to him? (Gives Eddie a small silver horseshoe)
Sarah Wallis: For luck.
Eddie Lowery: (Takes it and walks away) Dames. Who needs 'em anyway?

Lord Northcliffe: (notices Eddie caddying for Francis) What's that carrying his bag... a pygmy?

Eddie Lowery: Read it, roll it, hole it.

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